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Chemineaud Spiced

There’s no substitute here … A truly one of kind premium spirit and proudly l'original among all brandies. Chemineaud Spiced is a unique and beautifully crafted spiced brandy with gentle notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and orange. An extraordinary taste to experience.

If you lean towards the minimalist, then simply enjoy Chemineaud Spiced neat or on the rocks. However, if you lean towards the adventurous, then hold onto your glass and get ready to explore! The versatility and mixability of Chemineaud Spiced could very well make this product the only spirit you’ll need to keep in your bar (along with a bottle of Chemineaud Fine Brandy, of course!). Discover the flavour and dynamic versatility of Chemineaud Spiced today!


Here as well, there is no substitute … A truly one of a kind, beautifully crafted brandy delivering an extraordinary taste experience … point final.

Velvety smooth, rich and full-bodied taste built upon on the firm foundation of Chemineaud Fine Brandy. Tantalizingly complex flavours of sweet fruit overlaid with bakery spices releasing a sonnet of freshly ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, all resting on a swirl of vanilla and orange. The finish is everlasting and warming with spice all the way through on a distant lingering of gentle oak.

Always responsibly